We do not work for clients, but with them. We promote and demand honest and constructive dialogue. First, we develop a comprehensive understanding of the task and its Chinese context. As a result, we design unique and holistic design solutions together with our clients – whether analog or digital.

Brand architecture The Chinese Box


Strategic orientation for the launch of your brand. Activation of your brand’s reputation levers. Detection of new opportunities for a product or service. Coolhunting and trend research. Content marketing based on trends.

Graphic design The Chinese Box


We shape the communication of people, companies and institutions with their Chinese environment. Our design solutions help to build and develop sustainable relationships.

Copywriting The Chinese Box


We offer copywriting services to drive growth and conversion on your WeChat or Weibo official accounts or any other digital platform whose main users may be convenient for your brand.

Copywriting goes far beyond translation: we help craft a real local content strategy for your brand in China, taking into account your brand specificities and the characteristics of the local market.