Swingtoo 胜唯途 is a small Spanish company passionate about sports and specialized in training camps and football and basketball stages. Swingtoo is the result of more than 40 years of experience in tourist centers and sports management.


The management team that inspired this new startup asked us for help to build a Chinese marketing strategy. It was a challenge that we accepted with enthusiasm. We shaped their digital communication with their Chinese environment via Chinese digital marketing strategies.


For this project we created a new brand identity for China and designed a Chinese website from scratch, among other actions of Chinese digital marketing.

Understanding social media in China

No Facebook. No Twitter. No YouTube. Listing the companies that don’t have access to China’s social media space underscores just how different it is from those of many Western markets. Understanding that space is vitally important for anyone trying to engage Chinese consumers.


  • Recruitment Process
  • Brand Identity
  •    Naming, logo and brand book
  • Chinese Web Design
  • Baidu SEO