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Idea Lab.


Idea lab is a unique space for discussion and learning about trends, rankings and analysis on Chinese social media landscape.


In this section we explore different perspectives on digital China. Because China can be seen as a huge, unknown Chinese box that offers different facets of digital China in each box that we open. This idea is what has inspired the name of our agency, The Chinese Box.


The Chinese digital ecosystem is a very Chinese and fragmented scenario, in which many platforms coexist. But few international platforms have a significant presence.


Different platforms can come into play with a Chinese consumer (or tourist) before / during / after the purchase (or the trip). Each company has to find the Chinese social media that suits them best and the right time to enter.

Understanding social media in China

No Facebook. No Twitter. No YouTube. Listing the companies that don’t have access to China’s social media space underscores just how different it is from those of many Western markets. Understanding that space is vitally important for anyone trying to engage Chinese consumers.