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Analysis of the keyword «Barcelona» in the Baidu Index

We decided to analyze the keyword «Barcelona» because it’s the most searched keyword in the Baidu Index related to a province or a city of Spain. We believe this Baidu SEO analysis can help to build better tourism brand strategies focused on China SEO.


Note: To consider a relevant window of Baidu SEO analysis, we’re evaluating 4-years data, from January 1st, 2017 to January 1st, 2020.

Baidu Ranking Barcelona

First, let’s see that the most used term in Chinese to refer to «Barcelona» in Baidu is 巴塞罗那 (average value: 4.074). Much more than others as 巴塞罗纳 (187) or 巴萨罗纳 (164).

Baidu Ranking Barcelona

The second most searched province or city of Spain in Baidu is 马德里, «Madrid» in Spanish (1.383). 巴塞罗那 is searched three times more than 马德里.

Baidu Ranking Barcelona

But we ought to watch out for one thing. The search 巴塞罗那 includes the searches for the «Barcelona FC», one of the most popular football teams of the world, but 马德里 does not include the searches for the «Real Madrid» football team (皇家马德里). So then, if we add this searches to 马德里, the result turns out to be very similar to that of «Barcelona»: 马德里 + 皇家马德里 (3.923) vs 巴塞罗那 (4.074).

Baidu Ranking Barcelona

The search volume of 巴塞罗那 (4.074) is very high in Baidu. In comparison with other important cities worldwide as «Paris» 巴黎 (2.061), «New York» 纽约 (2.611) or «London» 伦敦 (2.015), the city of 巴塞罗那 highlights.

How do Chinese users search the term 巴塞罗那 on Baidu? 67,35% from mobile devices and 32,65% from desktops.

Where do the queries for the keyword «Barcelona» come from? The TOP 3 Chinese provinces are Guangdong, Jiangsu and Beijing and the TOP 3 Chinese cities are Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.